UPVC Window Locks in Denton

UPVC Window Locks in DentonHow many years have your UPVc window locks in Denton been broken? It’s common to find windows that have no locks or broken locks on the windows in a home. Would you let your front or back door lock remain broken that long? Oh well, that’s different you may think because burglars could break in if the doors were not locked. They can break in through the windows too! At Nimbus Locksmiths we have found that many homeowners leave a first floor window unlatched so they have a way in if they forget their door key. They close the window curtain to make it less inviting and think they are very clever. Not to sound obvious but if the homeowner can get in the house that way so can a burglar.

One of our services at Nimbus Locksmiths is the installation, repair and replacement of window locks. In Denton, UPVc window locks installed by us are strong and durable. One of the benefits of UPVc windows is they glide up and down easily, unlike the old wooden rope hung windows. At least they warped and wedged into the window frame and you didn’t need a lock because they were stuck and would not budge. Of course they leaked like a sieve which is why you replaced them with energy efficient UPVc windows.

There is another reason you need strong and durable UPVc window locks in Denton besides safety, even on the third floor. Your UPVc windows are only energy efficient if they are tightly closed. If not locked in place the windows may slip up from the bottom and down from the top just a bit. That is all it takes for hot or cold air to move through. Contact Nimbus Locksmiths for new, repair or replacement UPVc window locks for your home or business. We have built an excellent reputation for both residential and commercial over our ten years in business. Our staff is highly qualified and insured. Quotes and estimates are free and our prices are competitive. However we do not charge call out fees. If you have an emergency call us because we are available 24 hours a day. We guarantee all our work and our locks.

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