Do you need a Deadbolt in Denton?

april 2Bob read the gruesome 2013 crime statistics released by the Office of National Statistics, and sought to optimise his family safety with a Deadbolt in Denton. The survey was conducted by the Crime Survey of England and Wales which sought to identify people who are at most risk of crime, “people’s attitude toward crime and the Criminal Justice Victim, including the police and the courts” and “people’s experiences of anti-social behaviour and how this has affected the quality of life”. The survey found that “25 % of victims of vandalism experience repeat victimisation, accounting for 49% of all incidents”; “7% of victims of theft from the person or robbery experienced repeat victimisation, accounting for 17% of all incidents”; “14% of victims of burglary experienced repeat victimisation, accounting for 33% of all incidents”; and “15% of victims of vehicle-related theft experienced repeat victimisation, accounting for 30% of all incidents”.

Bob knew that his area was included in this statistics and believed that the solution would be to install deadbolt devices on his doors. Bob had once been a victim of burglary and lost some of his property. But his biggest concern now was that he is living with his wife and son and would not want anything to happen to them. There are many other “Bobs” living in Denton-men who fear that their family’s safety may be compromised and property stolen and damaged by intruders. In Denton, deadbolts are recommended if you want to prevent intrusion. This is because the deadbolt is not loaded with a spring; and therefore it is almost impossible to pry open the bolt with a knife. The bolt must be triggered by a key or thump turn for the door to open.

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