Solve Your Lock Problem in Burnage with the Professionals

Lock Problem in Burnage We can solve your lock problem in Burnage by making repairs, rekeying or replacing the current lock. You may have noticed that unlocking a door is a 3-step process for some people. They have to put the key in the lock, wiggle it until they feel it catch, then turn the key while lifting up on the knob. Or maybe it’s pull on the doorknob really hard and while holding it tight slip the key in and turn it. These machinations are not necessary when a simple repair would have the lock working smoothly again. The cause for these particular issues is likely a combination of a poorly fitted door and a misalignment of the lock and strike plate.

Another common problem is the need to jiggle the key in the lock until it catches and opens. In Burnage, lock problem may actually be a broken lock. They do wear out over time. They can also get coated with oily dirt that packs in through the years and finally prevents the tumbler from turning. Sometimes the problem with the lock is actually the key. Very old keys get worn smooth and the teeth can wear down. Keys in this condition are fragile. If you keep trying to force the key to turn the lock, you could end up breaking the key off in the lock and damaging it. Locks that have worked fine for years may suddenly develop problems. A worn mechanism, house settling resulting in misalignment, or a kid who thought it would be funny to stuff chewed gum in the lock are common causes of lock problems. 

When you have a lock problem in Burnage, don’t adapt to the problem. Contact Nimbus Locksmiths at the first sign of trouble. Your locks are your first line of defence to secure your home. They need to work solidly every time. If you arrive home to find your lock is broken, that is an emergency. Return to your car and call the police then call us for an emergency repair or replacement. We have a 24-hour call service and can usually get to you within an hour. Most lock problems are fairly easy to fix. Our locksmith mobile unit is fully equipped so we arrive prepared to remedy the problem then and there. Keep your locks in good working order with us on call.

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