A Local On-Call Commercial Locksmith in Marple Available to Assist

Commercial Locksmith in Marple For a local on-call commercial locksmith in Marple, consider Nimbus Locksmiths. Changing locks, making new keys, rekeying the locks and adding interior door locks is a regular part of business. Boarding up when damage occurs is also among our services. We are on call, whatever the security needs, 24 hours a day. We are local and vetted for trustworthiness. Our business is well established with an excellent reputation. In an emergency, we can get to you within the hour using our fully equipped mobile shops. Our main retail and repair shop is fully equipped and open during regular business hours. If you get locked out of your building, discover a lock broken or have a disgruntled employee keep the office key, call us right away. We’ll take care of it. 

It’s a good idea to have commercial locks rekeyed periodically. Even for small businesses in Marple, commercial locksmith services can help secure your data and belongings. You may feel safe because you have the only key. However, employees have been known to make a copy unbeknownst to the owner. Not your employees? We all want to believe that but statistics tell a different story. In the UK, 55% of businesses have experienced some kind of employee theft. When that happens we tend to look at the young people in our employ but in fact, more employee crime is committed by the older, more senior personnel. The moral is be friendly and nice to everyone and trust no one with the keys to your office and private files. 

Your business is your livelihood and a commercial locksmith in Marple can help you protect it. All employees do not have to have access to every area and filing cabinet. Contact Nimbus Locksmiths and we will come in and make recommendations for keeping out intruders and securing interior rooms. Key cards and keypad combinations are popular, particularly for interior doors. They can be stolen but not easily duplicated. It’s easy to relax your guard but a healthy awareness and security standards can prevent crime in your commercial building. When employees are coming and going at all hours, make sure they can only access what pertains to them. You will sleep better knowing the only key card to your office and file room is tucked in your wallet at night. 

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