Remain Safe and Secure with Replacement Locks in Adswood

Replacement Locks in AdswoodReplacement locks in Adswood is one of our services at Nimbus Locksmiths. Often, people think of Nimbus Locksmiths when there’s an emergency. That’s good because we are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to attend to emergency lockouts, burglaries, lost keys and damaged locks. Most of the time replacement locks are needed purely for security reasons. How many house keys has your family lost in the last five years? Does your neighbour have a key to your house because the previous owners gave it to them? Who else did they give one to? You may be locking up the house tight every night and not even realise that 25 strangers have a key to your front door.

If you can’t account for all the door keys you’ve had cut over the years, maybe it’s time to change the locks. In Adswood, replacement locks should be installed when you move into a new house. Check all the windows and if any have inoperable locks, replace them. If you’ve lived in a house for a few years and never checked the effectiveness of the locks, do that. Locks can wear out and get sloppy, perhaps threatening your security. Landlords should be willing to change the locks for a new tenant. If you have roommates, have the lock rekeyed when one moves out. If anyone in the household loses a key, it may not have been lost. It may have been stolen. Don’t hope for the best and forget about it; change the locks.

Replacement locks in Adswood are needed at places of business when employees leave their job. It keeps the remaining employees and your property safe. It’s best to hand out as few keys as possible. Interestingly we hand keys to our homes and places of business to cleaning services, decorators and tradesmen. It’s convenient. We go to work and they can let themselves in and out. When you change cleaning services, change your locks. After a major refurbishment, change your locks. In lesser instances, at least make sure you get your key back, although that is no guarantee copies haven’t been made. Contact Nimbus Locksmiths for lock replacements or to check for worn or damaged locks. Our fees are competitive and our locksmiths are professional and background checked.

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