When You Need a 24 hr Emergency Locksmith in Poynton

24 hr Emergency Locksmith in PoyntonA 24 hr emergency locksmith in Poynton and throughout Chorlton, Droylsden, Hyde, Failsworth, Stockport, Denton and Stalybridge is just a phone call away. We have over ten years in business, and cover this broad area 24 hours a day. Too often, getting locked out of your home or office sets up an emergency situation that must be addressed immediately. The time of day may be the major contributing factor to the emergency. At 3:00 p.m., being locked out may be an inconvenience. If it happens at 3:00 a.m., it can quickly become an emergency. The longer we live or work in one place, the less likely we are to have a spare key at hand. When we first move in, we get extra keys made. We make sure a relative, friend or neighbour has one. We give one to the children and hide one under the flowerpot on the porch.

As the keys get lost, neighbours move away, and friends aren’t close, we don’t replace the spares. Then one cold rainy night in Poynton, 24 hr emergency locksmith is keyed into Google search on our smart phone. Thank the gods of technology for smartphones. Nimbus Locksmith is going to pop up on your phone. Just touch the phone icon and you’ll soon have one of our dispatchers on the phone and help will arrive soon. Find a safe place to wait. Now, what if your Google search resulted in no hits? There would be locksmith listings, but none that answer the phone before 8:00 a.m. You could probably sleep in your car until morning and call in sick at work. If you have children with you through this, you can bet nobody wants to be you.

Being stranded without a 24 hr emergency locksmith in Poynton during off hours is always inconvenient. However, it’s more than that because you are vulnerable to danger. It’s just not safe. What if when you got home your door was already ajar? Someone broke in and stole from you. How long do you want to wait for a new lock to be installed so you can feel safe again? You don’t want to wait at all. When you need a 24 hr emergency locksmith, contact Nimbus Locksmith, any time. We will generally arrive within an hour. Our vans are fully equipped with everything we need to make keys, repair locks and replace locks. Our services include window locks, slider door security, lock repair or replacement for all types of doors, keys made and safety surveys.

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