Commercial Locksmith in Marple

Commercial Locksmith in MarpleNimbus Locksmiths, your commercial locksmith in Marple, will undertake all commercial tasks.  From securing the doors to your business with strong deadbolt locks to provide several layers of security in larger commercial buildings. By layers, we mean that you want to protect against unauthorised entry into the building as one layer. Inside the building, you may want to add additional layers to control access to certain areas within the building. Within that layer, another layer of protection can be added by controlling access to a safe, filing cabinets, certain office doors and even the bathrooms. We stay up to date with the latest technology as a keyless entry becomes more common.

Whether it’s key cards, fingerprint or barcode, security is increasingly adopting new methods of security. You can expect, in Marple, a commercial locksmith to be current with lock and key technology. We’re there to repair locks for your company if a key breaks in the lock or the lock becomes damaged. That sometimes happens during attempted break-ins. Wiring malfunctions in electronic locks can often be repaired as well. Businesses with a high turnover rate may set policy to change locks every six months to a year. When you feel there are too many keys out or a disgruntled employee is fired and doesn’t return the key, we recommend replacing the locks.

A commercial locksmith in Marple can install new locks whenever and wherever needed. Rekeying existing locks may be sufficient some of the time but not always. If you haven’t had the strength of your locks analysed since you moved in, a security survey might be a good plan and we can do that for you. We can recommend the most secure locking system for your situation. Contact Nimbus Locksmiths if you need commercial exterior or interior locks repaired, updated and replaced. We are a long established local company with a reputation for honesty, integrity and thorough knowledge of new developments. You don’t want to call a stranger so call us 24/7. We’ll be there. We don’t charge call out fees and our work and products guaranteed.

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