Lock Problem in Denton

Lock Problem in DentonSometimes it’s a lock problem in Denton instead of a key problem that sends you searching for a locksmith. We have over twenty years of experience at Nimbus Locksmiths so we’ve seen almost every kind of lock out there; maybe not the first locks which were wooden pin tumbler locks with a big wooden key. They date back about 6,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia. However, there are 23 different common locks in use today and there are multiple variations within each category.  Your home and office doors are likely Euro Profile single or double cylinder, single or double deadbolts, Mortise or Rim cylinder locks. We are seeing electronic and digital locks more frequently, not just on businesses but for home use. Some are operated by a smart phone app.

Whatever system or combination of locks you use, we can replace, repair,and rekey as needed. Maybe for you in Denton, lock problem is with the door more than the lock. UPVc doors can get dented and ruined if the locksmith doesn’t know how such locks are repaired. The same is true of the popular composite doors used on most homes today. The lock is installed within the laminated layers of the door. It takes more than a little wood putty and stain to change the locking mechanism on such doors. No worries though because we can make the repairs without damaging your door. Preserve interior locks on the doors in an older home. The old skeleton key locks can be refurbished to work like new.

We are on call 24/7 to address your lock problem in Denton. Whether it’s the key or the locking mechanism, most issues can be resolved quickly. When you lose a key or your key won’t open or lock your door, you need help immediately and we will be there equipped to handle most situations. Contact us anytime, day or night, and we can be there usually within the hour. Don’t forget about the other locks that protect your treasures. Furniture and desk locks, safe box locks, jewellery cases and the mystery box in the attic. We can open, repair or replace just the right lock for your personal safety and the protection of your belongings. All of our materials and labour are guaranteed.

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