Lock Problem in Adswood

lock problem in AdswoodUnusual enquiries about a lock problem in Adswood are received from time to time by Nimbus Locksmiths. Some of them have to do with old decorative door locks, especially mortice locks. The lock requires a pocket (the mortice) cut into timber doors. To change or repair the lock without damaging the door is tricky. We find these locks in exterior and interior doors. However, they are seen in old antique furniture like wardrobes, trunks and chests for valuables. When people ask us if we can open these old locks or replace them we assure them it can be done. If it is a fine piece of furniture like a trunk, you could chop the lock out to reveal the hidden treasure but there is no need for that. Just call us.

In Adswood, lock problem doors are often the newer PVC doors. Especially screen and storm doors. Depending on the door quality, it is easy to damage them when repairing or replacing a lock. Composite doors need experienced locksmiths because there is no replacing a chunk broken away. It cannot be fixed with some wood putty. Nimbus Locksmith has the experience and expertise to replace or repair your locks without damage. All our work is fully insured and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We have built an excellent reputation over the last ten years. We specialise in domestic and commercial for repairing one lock or replacing all locks.

The most inconvenient lock problem in Adswood is being locked out of your home or office. It happens to more people than you would imagine. Therefore, if you find yourself standing in the rain outside your own door don’t be embarrassed. Nimbus Locksmith is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us and we will be there quickly to unlock your door. If you are the victim of a break-in it is prudent to replace your locks or at least rekey your old locks. Many families have distributed copies of their door keys far and wide without realising it. They lose keys and have more made. They give them to the kids, who lose them and the contractor who forgets to return them. The neighbours had one but misplaced it. As a safety policy, you might want to rekey your locks every few years. For assistance with a lock problem, contact Nimbus Locksmiths.

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