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window lockNimbus Locksmiths in Gorton explain why window security should not be neglected. Crime is on the increase and yet we still have customers regularly asking us at Nimbus, the locksmith specialists, whether window security is really all that necessary. Absolutely we say, nowadays it is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ and here’s why:

Get your property secured in Gorton by locksmiths before it is too late! Most people focus too much on door security in their homes and don’t realise just how vulnerable their families and belongings are because of permeable window mechanisms and locks. Research has shown that close to 70% of all break-ins occur through windows. In our own experience at Nimbus Locksmiths, we have been called out far too often to install or upgrade a home’s window security after a distressing burglary as a result of easy to access windows.

At Nimbus Locksmiths in Gorton we stock a wide range of locks for sash, casement, and crittal windows as well as snap window locks and window restrictors. Our experienced and highly qualified staff is here to advise you on which window locking alternatives would optimise the security of your home.  Window locks act as a very effective deterrent. Intruders will target the property that is easy to break into, chances are they’d rather move on than struggle, waste time and cause a disturbance entering through a well secured window. If however an impulsive, rushed intruder does break through glass and can’t open the window because of the safety catch or lock, he is unlikely to cause more of a disturbance (and invite neighbours and passersby to intervene) by breaking the whole window pane. So even if your window locks merely act as a deterrent – they could prevent a disaster. Give us a call on 07828 133 877 or visit our website.

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