Lock Problem in Gatley

Lock Problem in GatleyCould be it is time you took care of that lock problem in Gatley. You know the formula for unlocking the front door; you put the key in the lock, lift with the door handle while simultaneously pulling it toward you then quickly turn the key. That may be routine to you but the rest of the family has had enough. Doors and their framework do not always settle at the same pace. That causes the door lock to be misaligned with the strike plate on the frame. Here it is difficult to get the door unlocked but sometimes it prevents the locking mechanism from working. That creates a security risk for your home. At Nimbus Locksmiths we may repair the lock so it aligns properly but we can replace it even on UPVC doors.

We use only high quality replacement locks for doors and windows and each one is guaranteed. For homeowners in Gatley, a lock problem could turn into a serious situation. You arrive home late at night and break your key while attempting to unlock the door or maybe you lose your key. Nimbus Locksmith is on call 24 hours a day to resolve emergencies. We can make a new key for your lock and have you safe inside in a short period. We respond to crisis situations. If you come home and find your door unlocked and your home burglarised, we will immediately replace all the locks on your doors. If it looks as if your lock has been tampered with in any way call us immediately to replace it.

Our services extend to a commercial and a domestic lock problem in Gatley. For either we can install additional security locks and or grilles to tighten security. Call us at Nimbus Locksmiths for professional regulated locksmiths with over 20 years’ experience. You might like us to perform a safety survey to make sure nothing has been overlooked in securing your home or business. We don’t charge just to show up and the prices for the work we do are as quoted with no add ons. When you have a lock problem, your security is at risk. Ask about us and you hear that Nimbus Locksmiths has an excellent reputation for honesty and service.

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